Raffle now over. Thank you for participating, we raised $270 for Artists Help Japan! Winners have been contacted.

We in the Blythe community have a great deal of love for Japan, and I know it has been heart-breaking to watch events unfold there the past few days. So many have already been so generous, but I know we can keep the kindness going!

1st prize: OOAK Alice In Wonderland-inspired outfit set – Card suit-print Yukata, lace-trimmed obi, hairpiece trimmed in real gold and a large heart-shaped Swarovski crystal, and fan. (doll not included)
2nd and 3rd prizes: Surprise outfit from pomme-pomme
All shipping included.

Cost: $5 per ticket
As this is for charity, I don’t wish to limit the number of tickets sold. I will leave the raffle open until 11:59pm EST, March 18th 20th. You may purchase as many tickets as you wish. As tickets are purchased, I will add your name to the list below. Winner will be chosen via random.org.

PayPal: fae@pomme-pomme.com
Note: Do not use the word “raffle” in your payment, just put “Japan” in the subject. Please mark your payment as a gift so that the maximum amount of funds can be donated!

Not all of us can afford a large donation, but surely we can ALL find another $5 for those who are in need.

All donations will be given to Artists Help Japan via Give2Asia. This fund has already raised more than $23,000 (as of 3/15) for earthquake/tsunami victims, so let’s help that number go even higher!

For information on more charity events around the dolly world, please visit this list that Ruth has kindly compiled, or the Dolly Community For Japan Flickr Group.

Ticket list:
1. N. Raybould
2. B. Williams
3. B. Williams
4. Pooka Loves Tomatoes
5. M. Cooper
6. Miss Kittypoofs
7. S. Hans
8. S. Hans
9. dolli*fever
10. A. Boykin
11. A. Boykin
12. snoopygirl
13. giddykipper
14. giddykipper
15. effiethedal
16. effiethedal
17. S. Halbom
18. R. Pattillo
19. R. Pattillo
20. chinalilly
21. musicfordining
22. musicfordining
23. musicfordining
24. J. Miller
25. J. Miller
26. J. Miller
27. J. Miller
28. J. Miller
29. Elisa
30. Elisa
31. fairyflip
32. Camilla
33. Camilla
34. Camilla
35. Julie W.
36. nkawai
37. Teresa W.
38. moshi-moshi
39. effiethedal
40. Diem C.
41. Diem C.
42. Simone M.
43. Simone M.
44. ReinaDeSalem
45. ReinaDeSalem
46. Chrissange
47. Chrissange
48. amaliainwonderland
49. blythe.collector
50. blythe.collector
51. blythe.collector
52. blythe.collector
53. Daniela P.
54. Valerie W.